Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Make the most of your Programmable Thermostat

We observe interesting things on our appliance tune up or repair visits to homes. People often buy home comfort appliances but fail to make the most of them. Often times, the reason of fatty bills is the improper use of appliances. Therefore, we suggest customers read the user manuals properly before beginning to use their appliances and also seek a professional's help to get to learn how can the appliances be used effectively and efficiently. If you have a Programmable Thermostat at home but always turn it off when not in need, there's something you need to explore about it. And don't worry, we'll help you in that.

How do Programmable Thermostats work?
Simply very simply. Although, it's difficult to say with precision the complete working of a Thermostat since tens of Programmable Thermostat makes are in the market, each with its own idiocentric features, a general working principle that all programmable thermostats follow is that they  turn on and off at a given temperature or get automatically set to a programmed temperature on their own. Different thermostats offer different settings, however, the three most common settings that they allow are here under:


5+1+1 day Model
This model allows one schedule for 5 days of the week while 2 separate schedules for Saturdays and Sundays

5+2 days Model
Thermostats that have 5+2 settings allow scheduling of one schedule for entire week while one schedule for the weekends i.e Saturday, Sunday

7 days Model
7 days model is one of the most adopted ones currently in Toronto. This type of Thermostats allow setting different schedules for different days of the week.

Make use of energy saving points
Set energy saving points. Energy saving points is the temperature at which you want your HVAC system to work when you aren't at home. After setting up energy points, the thermostat automatically switches to those points when you aren't at home.  

Make use of Hold Button
Here's another trick to save energy and improve the efficiency of your HVAC appliances. Put the Thermostat on a constant hold when there's a change in your schedules. This will help save a lot of energy.

Set Temperatures Wisely
That is important or else you'll be using your Thermostat and still will be missing the great advantages of it. Analyze the schedule of the family members and set the thermostat accordingly. It is wise to set the turn on time a little before the time for the homeowners to come so that the home is cool as they enter. Similarly, set the Thermostat to turn off a little before you're supposed to leave.

Mount it properly
For your Thermostat to work efficiently, it is important that it is able to sense the surrounding temperature properly. For that, mounting the Thermostat at a place where it can sense proper temperature is important. In case the Thermostat receives direct sunlight, it will function with faulty efficiency. To make the most of your Programmable Thermostat, mount it at a proper location.

Bottom Line
There are simple tricks that most homeowners miss and end up having fatty bills. If you're using any HVAC appliance at your home, go through the user manual in detail. Follow the do's as well as the don'ts. In case you fail to understand some features, ask your service provider or explore the stuff online in order to not miss any benefits.  


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