Saturday, March 25, 2017

Enjoy super cool Summers - Use these 9 Air Conditioning hacks

Your neighbour's energy bills are much lower than yours while they use the same brands as you. What's the matter? Well instead of feeling jealous, you need to explore what they do that you don't. Using the same brands or the same models is not a major factor. Even the usage doesn't count much. What counts is the fact that how are the appliances being used and what are the ways employed to make the least use of energy consuming appliances. Your neighbour's home is always cool when you enter and you end up assuming they must keep their Air Conditioner on throughout the day. You thought it wrong! Actually, sorry to say but your neighbours are a real genius. They employ wonderfully simple hacks to save energy and make the least use of their Air Conditioners. This helps them stay cool while they also have to pay lower energy bills. Getting curious what they do? Great! We observed your neighbours and noted down the everyday cares they take in Summers. Take your notepads out and let's begin. This Summer's goal is to keep your home cooler than your neighbours with least consumption of energy. Brace yourself!

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1. Hack no.1, don't forget your ceiling fan. As the Summers get intense, people forget using the ceiling fans. However, turning the ceiling fan on in a counterclockwise direction blows cooler air that makes the entire home cool.

2. Your doors and windows need to have a proper seal. Just like in the Winters, you want to be as tightly sealed as possible, in the Summers the insulation is equally benefiting. Seal your doors and windows properly to enjoy cooler Summer.

3. Condensers that are clogged with dust and debris have a hard time working. More energy is used that brings more fatty energy bills. So clean your condenser properly before the intense Summer begins.

4. In Summers, the time to have natural cool air is early morning and night. Open your doors and windows at this time to let fresh cool air inside. This will also help in natural ventilation and in providing fresh air.

5. Duct cleaning will save you cost on your energy bills to a great extent. As the professionals come, they'll clean the ducts as well as the vents and registers which will eventually provide prompt cooling with little energy use.

6. LED lights are a great way to keep your home cool. Guess how? Conventional lights produce a lot of heat while the LED and fluorescent lights not only consume less energy but also do not produce excessive heat.

7. Make use of exhaust fans when cooking or bathing with hot water. This helps take the hot air out before it circulates the home.

8. Make use of an efficient Thermostat (preferably Smart Thermostat) to make an efficient and limited use of your Air Conditioner but keep in mind to not place any heat generating object i.e lamp/bulb/ close to the thermostat.

9. Last but not the least. Replace your old Air Conditioner. 60% of the annual cooling cost can be saved just by replacing the old AC unit.

Hey there! Are you still there? So now you know why your neighbour's home is always cool while their energy bills are also not fatty. These are those hacks that they use. So it's time for you to make use of these hacks and yeah! this Summer's goal is to make your home cooler than your neighbours with least energy consumption. Get set go!


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