Thursday, August 29, 2019

What Is The Best Time To Change Humidifier Water Panel

The importance of a Humidifier is not overstated in maintaining the best home comfort. The humidifier is functioned to add moisture - it does so using a component namely humidifier water panel. Hearing the term for the first time? It also goes by names like water filler, water panel, evaporator pad, and humidifier. Typically, it is constructed with aluminum honeycombed mesh dipped in a ceramic slip. These water panel evaporators are an integral part of humidifier and are meant to be changed on regular basis. Water panel, if goes unchanged, can dry out air and make your nose bleed. It can also result in itchy skin, headache, and other health-related issues – making the life of allergy sufferer miserable. Therefore, we recommend to replace it every season to get numerous benefits.

Why should I change my Humidifier water panel?

Water panel is more likely to clog over time as particulate move into a unit by air that continuously moves through it and mixes the various particulates with water. It is recommended to change humidifier water panel once per session, and if you somehow fail to do this, it will result in problems like:
- Itchy or dried skin, nose bleeds, and other health-related issues due to lack of appropriate moisture.
- The clogged drain lines of a humidifier can cause problems to the unit and surrounding area.
- An inadequate amount of humidity can cause increased static energy in the homes and poor indoor temperature.
- Poor HVAC unit performance as the dirty water panel can bring more burden on the system’s fan motor. 

How To Change humidifier water panel?

The process of changing a humidifier water panel is as simple as changing the battery in your remote. It hardly requires a few minutes, and you neither need to be techno-freak nor real mechanical to do that. However, each model will have different steps involved in changing the water panel. Locate the unit and follow the steps:

- Remove the cover either pressing a button or with the help of pressure panel that releases the lid
- Take out the enclosure that carries the humidifier water panel and insert the new unit
- After successful insertion of a new unit, make sure to put it back on the same way you toot it out
- Ensuring everything is secure and stable, replace the cover. AND YOU ARE DONE!

Important to note:

- Before you start, make sure to turn off the heating and cooling system.
- Each humidifier can have various steps to carry out the process; therefore, it's better to get guidance from the user manual.

- In case you encounter a trouble, immediately call an HVAC technician.

How Often Should I Change My humidifier Water Panel:

Manufacturers suggest homeowners should replace it once per season. For best performance, plan your replacement in advance. Sometimes, you may have to change it more often than a year – especially if a home has more water and water panel gets clogged with mineral water deposits.

Do you have a whole-home Humidifier? How often do you replace your water panel?