Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Start Summer with these must HVAC to-do's

As HVAC professionals, we suggest homeowners to not start any season randomly and instead make necessary preparations before a season arrives. With special reference to HVAC, there are some important to-do's that need to be done as the winter starts, as the autumn begins, as the spring takes its first swing and as the hot summer kicks off. The consequence of not performing the necessary maintenance and making appliances ready is that they are put into use without proper clean and tune up which compromises their efficiency while also worsen any problems that already exist. Since Summer is on way, this blog is dedicated to the necessary Summer HVAC preparations that you, as a homeowner are supposed to do on your own particularly when you don't take a professional's help.

To do#1: Check Filters

Changing/cleaning of filters takes no more than 15-30 minutes. And yet there are a number of homeowners that don't perform this task which is meant to be performed every 3-6 months and more often in the peak seasons. Checking of your filters will tell you whether or not they need cleaning/replacement. So before you turn on your Central Air Conditioner this summer, make sure the filters are super clean and don't carry the dirt of the last season. 

To do#2 Check Coils 

The function of compressor coils is to ward off heat in order to cool the refrigerant. Just like dirty filters, a dirty condenser coil affects the indoor cooling. Dirty coils fail to expel heat and as a result, cant cool the indoors properly. Moreover, the system works harder with dirty coils which raises the energy bills too.

 To do#3 Check Refrigerant Lines 

There are possibilities that your AC's refrigerant lines could be seeking repair this summer. Refrigerant lines work as a bridge between the outdoor condenser and the inside evaporator coil. These lines are insulated with a foamy material in order to avoid heat loss. Check your refrigerant lines to see if they need repairs. If the foam is torn and the repair is minute, you can try a DIY, else a professional's help is always recommended.

To do#4 Give it a start! 

A turned off system cannot tell you about all the issues it is facing so turn the power on and start the system once you are done with all the necessary cleaning. Carefully analyse the system as it starts. Listen to the sound of the fan if its normal. Listen to any unnecessary sounds; banging, rattling etc. When you are checking the AC, it is also the time you can check your Thermostat operation. Run your AC system for some time to see if it successfully cools the indoor in the expected time.

To do# 5 Call a professional 

You don't need to call a pro if your system doesn't need any serious repairs but you seriously want to take a professional's services if there is need of serious repairs. Delaying of the needed repairs only worsen the problem. We also suggest to not try any temporary solutions as they may out your system at risk. So here's your last to do of calling a pro to make the repairs.

Have you made your Air Conditioner ready for summer? What are some of the HVAC issues that you face on a regular basis?


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