Monday, January 30, 2017

Boiler vs Furnace - The Pros and Cons

When it comes to heating systems for homes and other buildings, you are offered two choices – boilers and furnace. Making the right choice is important as it affects many significant aspects including the parts and labour costs, power efficiency and maintenance. The discussion below will help you make the best choice by providing for you the necessary information about boilers and furnace.

The Major Difference

How is a boiler different from a furnace? The answer to this question explains why one of these will be a better option for your house. Both heating systems offer their own pros and cons. However, understanding the primary difference between boilers and furnace will help you make a more well-informed decision leading to the best results.
The major difference lies in how both the systems function. As the name implies, a boiler distributes heat through the circulation of hot water. On the other hand, a furnace makes use of hot air which is distributed throughout a building by means of ducts to maintain a warm temperature indoors. The circulation of this air is maintained with the help of a blower motor. A boiler heating system consists of more parts as compared to a furnace. Its major parts include water boilers, radiators and a network of pipes.
Choosing a Boiler

Residential Boiler

Discussed here are the positive aspects of choosing a boiler over a furnace.
  • It will be wise to go for a water boiler if you cannot stand a drafty environment which might get suffocating. Such an environment is created through the circulation of warm air by a furnace. It can, therefore, get uncomfortable. On the other hand, no such issue is created if we use a boiler for heating purposes.
  • Water boilers make use of cast iron radiators or flooring systems for the circulation of heat. The mechanism for this heat circulation is radiation or convection. It ensures steady circulation throughout a building. As a result, the indoors temperature remains quite consistent if you use a boiler.
  • In case of a furnace, the circulating air through ducts often distributes dust, allergens and disease-causing microorganisms. Maintaining warmth in your house by means of a furnace may cost you your health.

Choosing a Furnace

A furnace may lead to a few negative results, but you might still want to choose one over a boiler due to the following reasons.
  • Hydronic heating systems are more expensive than a furnace. The cost of all the parts as well installation charges might cross your budget.
  • A furnace heating system makes use of the same duct system used for air conditioning during the summer season. Therefore, you save time as well as installation cost.
  • Although boilers do not require frequent maintenance, cleaning a radiator takes a great deal of time as well as effort.


These were the pros and cons of both the heating systems. Choosing the best one depends on personal requirements as well as the budget. Make a wise choice which leads to the most effective heating and the least maintenance.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 Best Air Humidifiers

Everything changes and so does the air you inhale. It is not going to be as moist as it is now. Here the level of moisture drops and there you begin to feel the dryness in the air which is an unpleasant experience. Breathing, for some people, is an ultimate experience that they wish to make as pleasant as possible and for that purpose, humidifiers are no less than a blessing. For a fresh and affable indoor air quality, air humidification products do wonder by creating an agreeable level of moisture in the air to knock off the dryness that the weather changes or other environmental conditions may cause.

Choosing the right humidifier:

It is good if you understand that humidifiers play a vital role in creating a better home comfort for you by providing a better breathing experience, but that alone is not enough. Once you choose to install a humidifier at home, it is essential to make the right choice when choosing the humidifying appliances for your home comfort. For that, research needs to be made to see what products are available in the market and which one would be the right one. We love making things easy for you. So, here's what we've just come up with.
Below is the mention of the 3 best air humidifying products along with their features.

1. Honeywell HE280 Humidifier:

Honeywell E280

Let's get started with Honeywell HE280 Humidifier. This model is perfectly wonderful for large houses up to 4,000 square feet. The design is suitable both for mounting at the warm air supply or along the return air ducts. One of the issues that the humidifying appliances cause is the production of microorganisms and other bacterias by keeping the water inside without proper drainage. To counter this issue, Honeywell HE280 has a flow through design that hinders the production of microorganisms. Although this humidifier is not a ''plug and play'', it still has fewer connections to make which makes the installation easy. Since it works with a forced air furnace, it equally distributes the moisture throughout the home creating levelled humidity. So, this product is wonderful for you if you have a wide area to humidify, want to save energy and seek an easy installation.

2. Lennox Healthy Climate Whole-Home Humidifier:

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Lennox steam humidifier has a wonderful remote mount design with accessories included. It creates whole house humidity. There are two different sizes available to cope small as well as large houses. With its high efficiency and automatic humidity control, it not only keeps the level of moisture as required but is also a good combatant for sinuses, sore throat and other breathing issues that are primarily caused by dry air. The good side is that no botheration for tank cleaning has to be made.

3. Carrier Performance Fan-Powered HUMXXLFP

This is especially for you if you're using heat pumps. This design is made to work with heat pumps, however, it works efficiently with forced air furnaces too. The water tank is made up of treated aluminium that provides ultimate efficiency. It has a capacity of 18 gallons per day. In addition to that it works on a quiet operation so if you’re tired of noise humidifiers, you must give it a try. The most amazing feature is that carrier has given 10 years of warranty on its parts.

Wisest choice:

So, which is the wisest choice? Lennox, Carrier or Honeywell? It’s all the same. The features have been given and you can now easily decide what would work best with your home. The important thing but is to understand that humidifiers do a lot to create the home comfort that we need. Apart from creating a good air quality to breathe by humidifying the air around us, they not only combat against health problems caused by dry air but also help protect the furniture and other wood material from damage. Which is, WOW!

The wisest choice thus is; Spend a little and save much much more. Check out the latest humidifiers Here.
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