Monday, March 18, 2013

Why winter/spring Ideal time to buy Air Conditioner?

Why winter/ spring Ideal time to buy Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning is one of the essential appliances used to keep house cool in summer. Few people think that air conditioning is much more profitable to buy in the winter or early spring.  Most of us feel the need for this domestic appliance only if gets really hot in summer. However, buying an airconditioning in the cold season has a number of advantages like the Prices for air conditioner in the off-season fall by 10-20% so you have chance for substantial saving. In addition, many heating and air-conditioning contractors do seasonal sales, as they are interested to get rid of the leftovers air conditioner stock.
Buy air conditioner is just half of the battle, now you need a quality and affordable high efficiency air conditioner installation service. Here too there are certain advantages. Saving on installation can be 15-25% approx. ass compare to peak season when all HVAC contractors are busy in doing installation of air conditioner, repair of air conditioner and emergency tune-ups at high rate of service charge.

Another reason why it is better to install air conditioner in winter is the quality of work because during the peak season due to several air conditioners installation orders a day and they often work carelessly. In addition, in the spring and summer, you can face the fact that installers busy and schedule installations waiting for days or even weeks in advance in off season, they will not rush and do the job better. 

A well reputed Installation Company like Clean Air Heat can save your money on monthly utility bills by perfect installation of central air conditioner in your home Off season air conditioner installation gives you discounted air conditioner unit price with competitive installation fee, which is a substantial sum in savings on new air conditioner installation. In addition, you'll be ready for the beginning of summer and save not only your money but also on your nerves by preparing your home in advance to beat the heat of summer. 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Air Duct Cleaning


                   Things to know about air duct cleaning

The construction of today’s houses in Canada is amazingly energy efficient as compare to the old conventional type of house. The maximum amount of energy is consumed by various heating and cooling home appliance, there for an energy efficiency house is special designed and equipped with energy efficient appliance. These houses use central heating and air conditioning system and air ducts are one of most important part of this type of system. Home Central Heating and air conditioning system uses air duct to provide hot and cold air in to entire house and make your home indoor air atmosphere consistent and comfortable. 

Due to continued operation of furnace, boiler and central air conditioner these air ducts are contaminated with various allergens and air pollutants such as dust particles, kitchen smoke, pet hairs, dander, cleaning agents and oily particles from cooking.  If air ducts are not regularly maintained it will deposited stock of this all allergens and air pollutants and while your home heating and air heating and air conditioning system is delivering the hot and cold air this dust and debris from dirty air ducts will spread in your home causing health issues and bad small in the indoor atmosphere of your home.
Dirty ducts may also enforce you home heating and cooling system to work hard due to insufficient air flow and lowering the efficiency of it and raising the utility bills. Homeowners can easily overcome and avoid such probe caused by dirty air ducts by having it maintained and cleaned by a professional duct cleaning contractor. The professional air ducts service should ensures that the entire process is completed in the shortest possible duration and homeowners do not face an inconvenience while the whole duct cleaning process is performed. 

When should I considering air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is essential for any home as it helps to maintain the best indoor air atmosphere and it also helps in maintaining the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system . People who are smokers or pets at home have to get their air ducts cleaned regularly. In fact, if one is moved to a new home, it is safer to have air duct cleaning process done to avoid health hazards such as respiratory problems and allergies. People, who have houses on the main road and find their furniture very often loaded with dust particle, must get their air ducts cleaned on regular basis.