Tuesday, December 12, 2017

5 signs your home Insulation is failing

Home insulation is a wonderful way to save on energy bills. It keeps home warm in Winters and cool in Summers. But in addition to that it also offers multiple other benefits among which are;
- Reduction in outdoor noise level
- Safety from outer pollution
- Eco-friendly, since due to insulation, home heating/cooling appliances are used less

If you live in a climate that necessitates home insulation without which the home heating/cooling appliances will cease to work efficiently, you should go for it straight away without a second thought. And if you already had your home insulated some time long long ago, there are ways you can suspect your home's calling for insulation.

Many homeowners remain in the delusion that home insulation is only necessary if their home was built before the year 1980. This is wrong. Whether or not your home needs insulation depends on several factors that include these two for sure;
- Where your home is (in what kind of climate)
- What kind of Insulation material was used when it was first insulated since different insulation materials have different durability

Sign#1 Constant running of heating/cooling appliances

As said already, Home Insulation keeps the indoor warm in Winter and cool in Summers with minimum use of Furnace/Air Conditioner, one way to suspect the wrong with your insulation is the continuous running of heating and cooling appliances. That shows your home is failing to maintain a moderate indoor temperature and the old insulation is taking its part to cause temperature fluctuations. Call an HVAC professional to inspect and confirm whether or not you need insulation

Sign#2 Sudden rise in energy bills

There's another simple hack to suspect outdated Insulation. Compare the bills of last year with your ongoing bills. If you find a noticeable difference in the energy bills, there is an indication that your outdated insulation is taking up more HVAC appliance usage and is thus raising the energy bills.

Sign#3 Visible Icicles on gutters and eavestrough

Visible icicles hanging from gutters or on eavestrough is a clear sign of poor insulation. The warm air that leaks into the attic makes the attic warmer and melts the ice on the roof. This melted ice freezes again as it passes through the gutter lines.

Sign#4 Visible condensation and warmer attic

A major heat loss is caused by the attic. If your attic is warmer than the rest of the house and condensation takes place that is either visible on the walls or ceiling, think seriously about insulation your home.

Sign#5 Hot/cold patches

Hold/cold patches or uneven, varying temperature throughout the home is another indication that your home sweet home is now yelling for insulation. You will find certain rooms colder than others or certain parts warmer than others. This could mean there are holes in your insulation or the overall insulation is failing. Once again, you'd need to call a professional to guide you and find you ways to fix the home insulation. Although insulation takes a heavy investment, it is an investment worth making as it drastically raises the comfort level of the home.