Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Has your Touchscreen Thermostat stopped working? Do this!

As long as the time-saving technological devices keep functioning smoothly, they bring ease, comfort and relief but everything goes upside down when they begin to show problems. Let's talk about Touch Screen Thermostats in particular; Unlike the old Thermostat models, these models are not only easy to use but are also more accurate and more energy efficient. Set the temperature for a day or schedule it for an entire week, use the Thermostat for optimal home cooling or effective home heating, control it using the interactive user interface or manage to control it from anywhere in the world using wifi technology, there's a bucket full of ease and comfort that this small HVAC device known as ''Touch Screen Thermostat'' brings. But hey! Bad times can come to anyone at any time without prior notice. All this comfort can disappear all of a sudden as the Thermostat stops functioning. Since technicians are not always available and particularly not available with a quick response in Summers, we always recommend learning quick HVAC fixes. So let's assume your Thermostat has stopped working, what are you supposed to do now?
Every time you face this issue, there are three quick fixes that you can try.

Touch Screen Thermostats not working

1. The last time you changed the batteries was 100 years ago
There are several HVAC appliances that require maintenance only in terms of cleaning and regular manual inspection, however, there are others that need part replacement on a regular basis for them to operate properly. HVAC primary or secondary devices like Thermostats, CO Detector and others come in this category. Since they rely on batteries to fuel them, the batteries need a replacement after every six months at least else, a year. If your Thermostat stops working, the first thing is to recall what was the last time you changed the batteries? If it was 100 years ago, the batteries must have said goodbye to you to rest in the heavenly abode and you need to replace them. However, if you've changed the batteries recently, try to make sure they're properly fixed in the Thermostat before moving on to the next troubleshooting.

2. Do you reset your Smart Phones to fix some issues? Reset the Smart Thermostat too
Oh yeah! So how many times have you tried this? Your touchscreen mobile phone was posing issues with the touch panel or something else and a factory reset worked out. Most Touch Screen Thermostats use softwares to operate particularly the Wifi supported Thermostats. These softwares often times interrupt the operation. The reset option in many cases works as effectively for Thermostats as it does for Smartphones. Hit the reset option!

3. Check for wiring and cleaning
After the battery issue, this is the most common reason of why Touchscreen Thermostats stop working; the wiring defects and the lack of cleaning. If the Thermostat is completely dead and you've changed the batteries recently, there are 80% possibilities of a defect in the wiring. Uncover the Thermostat plate and look up for damaged wires. In case an issue is suspected and you're unsure how to fix, call on a professional.
In the case when the Thermostat is partially operating; the touch screen is posing issues, some touch buttons are working some not etc, there are chances that it is due to the dirty screen. Use a soft fibre cloth and clean the Thermostat screen with soft hands. It is recommended to use a pertinent cleaner.  

Still not fixed? The last resort - A Pro
That's all you could do. If none of the above-mentioned DIY troubleshooting worked, it seems the Thermostat itself is defective and it either needs a replacement or a professional technician to fix the defect. Call a professional, that's the only resort left.