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The basics of programming a Carrier Programmable Thermostat

Carrier, in addition to being the father of modern air conditioning, is also a leading manufacturer of many other HVAC appliances and gadgets among which Thermostats are included. Carrier offers quality and affordability together by manufacturing programmable and as well as non-programmable thermostats that come in varying range so as to come in the budget of almost everyone easily. The Wifi Programmable Thermostat, being the latest models available offer programming via smartphone and pc which makes it controllable from anywhere in the world. We are here today to help you learn the basics of programming a Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi programmable a thermostat of Carrier. Let’s begin:

First thing first – Time and Date:

On a programmable thermostat, the first thing that you are required to do is to set the time and date. The procedure differs a little for Touch Screen Thermostats and for conventional press button thermostats. We are mentioning both.

Setting Time & Date on Touch Screen Thermostat:
Open the plate/door if there’s any and touch the screen to activate it or press the menu button (there are slight variations depending on the model). Use the ‘’Up’’ and ‘’Down’’ options to locate ‘’Date’’. Choose it and again press the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ options to look for the current date. Once done, repeat the same process for the year, month, hour and minute. When done, press ‘’menu’’ option.

Setting Time & Date on Press Button Thermostat
Open the plate/door and the screen will activate. Look on the bottom right for the d/h/m button. Make use of arrow keys to choose the desired date. Press again the d/h/m button to repeat the process for the hour and minutes. Close the door when done.

Setting ‘’Mode’’

The Thermostat, be it programmable or non-programmable requires your interference in order to operate properly. The selection of ‘’mode’’ settings by you will decide whether the Thermostat is required to heat/cool or just fan cool the indoor. When set on ‘’Auto’’, the Thermostat decides on its own whether to heat or cool the indoor depending on the current and targeted temperature. To change the modes, press the ‘’mode’’ button and toggle between heat/cool/auto.

Setting ‘’Temperature’’

Once the mode is selected, the temperature can be set using the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ keys or up/down arrows. The programmed temperature can be maintained using the hold/run button. Press the ‘’hold’’ key until hold appears on the screen. Press the key again until ‘’run’’ appears on the screen. This will run the programmed temperature and the Thermostat will operate accordingly.

Programming Heating/Cooling schedules

Carrier offers Thermostats that are capable of being programmed on daily as well as weekly basis. The most advanced models offer up to 7 days programming. Programming features vary from model to model so for detailed programming you’d need to consult your user manual but here’s the general method for all.


Open the door/plate and choose ‘’set’’ button. Continue to press it until a list of days appears with a title ‘’daily schedule’’. Choose the day that you wish to schedule.

Step# 2

Set the ‘wake’ time. Then pressing ‘’heat set at’’ and ‘’cool set at’’ buttons, set the desired temperature. The programmed temperature will automatically get set at the programmed timings.


There are three other options in addition to the ‘’wake’’ option. ‘’Day’’, ‘’Evening’’ and ‘’Sleep’’. Set the temperature for the rest of them using the same method.


Use the same method for the other days of the week. Programming depends on what your Thermostat offers. It could be a 3-day Thermostat, a 5 or 7-day Thermostat.

Setting Wi-Fi

Once done with the temperature settings, it is important to make the Wifi connectivity, especially if you have a WiFi Thermostat. The WiFi Thermostats of Carrier also offer the feature that allows the Thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature by sensing the outer temperature.
To make WiFi connectivity, follow the steps:

Step# 1

Go to menu and toggle menus to find the Wifi option. Select it.


Toggle the options to find ‘’Scan WiFi’’. Select it and look for your WiFi name. When it appears, select it.


You are still to add the password. So toggle the options until the WiFi Password appears. Press ‘’change’’ option. You are now ready to add the password. Remember to press ‘’Next’’ after entering each character to advance.


Once you are done with entering the password, press ‘’start’’. There’s a WiFi symbol on the top of the display. It will blink as the WiFi connects and will remain lighted as long as the Thermostat is connected.

So congratulations, your settings are completed. You can now use your Thermostat. 
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