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Troubleshoot your Furnace's Pilot Light Problems

So who wants to go to to the Furnace to check the pilot every now and then? Particularly, when the temperature falls below minus 30? None, of course! And what do you think about that embarrassment when, in front of the guests, the Furnace keeps shutting off and the guests leave early because of the discomfort felt at your home? Well, there are numerous reasons behind why a Furnace shuts off and among them is that the Furnace Pilot won't remain lit for long.

So, in your Toronto home, with Winter on its peak, how to troubleshoot a frequently problematic pilot? And, are there any simple hacks to solve the issue as a DIY without worrying to call an HVAC specialist? Fortunately, yes! While a problematic pilot halts the operation of the entire Furnace, fixing it doesn't take much. Below we discuss some primary reasons behind the scenario of the Furnace pilot that won't stay lit and the possible DIY solutions to that.


Dirt and Debris on the Thermocouple:  

Here's for your information; dirt and debris is the primary reason behind Furnace breakdowns. And one reason behind a problematic pilot is also dirt. If your Thermocouple component (which is responsible for measuring the temperature) has dirt on it, this will frequently turn the pilot off.

How to Fix? Rid the thermocouple of the dirt. Don't forget to shut the power and gas supply off. Then clean the component with a soft brush or with sandpaper. You're good to go.


Bent/Twist in the Thermocouple

When the thermocouple is bent, the flame won't be able to reach it and as a result, the gas valve will then shut off.
How to Fix? Begin by turning the power and gas supply off. When the unit cools down, bend the Thermocouple back in place to be able to access flame.


A Broken Thermocouple

If the dirt has been cleaned and the device has been checked for any bends, this is the time to thoroughly analyse if the thermocouple is old enough to be replace. There could be rust, holes or other factors affecting its performance.

How to Fix? Reach out to your trusted HVAC retailer to purchase a new Thermocouple. If you are not a good DIY handyman, consider calling a professional to replace the old unit with a new one.

Poor location and Problematic Pilot

Other than the above-mentioned causes, wrong location of the Furnace unit could be one reason why the pilot won't remain lit. If the location is conjested, the Furnace will have less oxygen for combustion. This will eventually let the pilot to burn out fire. Also, a wrongly placed Furnace may as well cause accumulation of Carbon Monoxide in the house
How to fix? Allow enough space around the Furnace. If possible, change the location of the Furnace.

Bottom Line

These are some easy to do DIY solutions that you can try if the Furnace pilot keeps burning the fire off. However, if the problem persists, it is always recommended to call a professional to thoroughly analyse the unit.

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