Monday, July 30, 2018

Check these 4 things before calling an AC repair tech

You do need professionals for sure but you don't need them all the times. There are times when your own service towards your HVAC system can suffice and can save you from costly repairs as well. You need to know what those times are. But also note that it is always dangerous to go beyond your DIY technical limits so the times where we suggest call professionals, do call them because that is where your DIY limits end.
If your Air Conditioner has stopped working entirely or is giving compromised cooling, check out the following things before calling a repair tech.

- Filters and filters

Tired of listening to filter change reminders and advice all the time? Well, we do it time and again because that is where some of the most common HVAC problems lie. Clogged filters hinder airflow and that overburdens the system. As a result, the system trips or if not that, gives a very compromised cooling. So, check for filters right away and if found clogged or damaged, change them.

- Check your Thermostat

You may not check Thermostat knowing that yours is a programmable one and you programmed is this morning. But anything could be possible. You never know if some naughty kid or a nosy guest had changed the settings so do check it to ensure that the settings are well set. If the problem is that of insufficient cooling and it's an unusually hot day outside, consider lowering the thermostat temperature a few degrees than usual.

- Closing vents isn't a good idea

So you must have heard of this idea of closing the vents in unused rooms to save energy and to cool the rest of the home faster. Well, this doesn't really work that way. As the vents of some of the unused rooms are closed, the air has to travel all the way to the mouth of the vent and then return back. This creates an imbalance in the airflow and burdens not only the ductwork that wears it faster but also the compressor that may then fail earlier than it would usually. So in case, you're experiencing discomfort, hot and cold spots, air pressure problem or tripping, open the vents in unused rooms and if you wish to not waste that cooling, open the doors so that the cooling can spread outside.

- Reset Circuit Breaker

If your Air Conditioner circuit breaker is tripping frequently, try this before calling a repair tech, who will charge you a hundred dollar for sure; Reset the circuit breaker. Turn the button off and then on. But remember to do this only once. Don't start that on-off play with your circuit breaker that you used to play with switches in childhood.

If even after trying all of these, the problem persists, here's where your limit finishes and a professional's begins. Look out for a reliable and professional service and let a professional diagnose and repair your system.

What was the last time you had your AC repaired? Did you try these before calling a professional?