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Sizing of Air Conditioner

Sizing of Air Conditioner 

Sizing of air conditioner is a difficult task, but in this article our heating and cooling Toronto expert adviser will share some basic information regarding perfect air conditioner size which can provide you better cooling comfort with significant saving on electricity bills. Following information will be useful for you to determine the selection of appropriate size cooling appliance;

Power of Air conditioner
The "power" of the air conditioners is expressed in BTU, which stands for British thermal unit if you want to understand the technical meaning go to Wikipedia. We just know that the larger this value, the greater its ability to cooling or heating. This is not enough. We must also give a look at another index that is  SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) this will tell you how much your air conditioner is efficient against energy consumption. The conventionally used central air conditioner by the homeowners of Toronto, Mississauga and other GTA area; are 13 SEER central air conditioners.  The more the SEER the less energy will consume to keep the home cool.
How do we size the air conditioners?

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We need to keep following point in mind before we go out in the heating and cooling Toronto market for the purchase of right size air conditioner;
·         The number of people staying in the home to be cooled
·         The size of the house and existing ductwork condition
·         The temperature reaches in  the house without air conditioning;
·         Other appliances in the home which generates heats for example oven.
·         Required cooling ability because if you put a big air conditioner instead of small which was the requirement of your home then the on off cycle of the compressor will be frequent and this may drop the efficiency and life of the air conditioner. This may also cause you to pay high energy bills.
·         Look for best air conditioner brand at best price and quality installation
·         Don’t forget to read the homeowner review regarding various air conditioner brands and installation contractor this can save your money and time. 

Obviously all these things "limit" the performance of air conditioners. There are many air conditioner brands available in the market to choose from, but the top rated cooling brands among the homeowners of Greater Toronto Area are Lennox, Amana, Rheem, York, Goodman and Carrier. Feel free to contact our heating and coolingToronto expert service advisory service to make the best investment on home cooling air condition system.  


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