Tuesday, December 25, 2018

5 ways to get more warmth this Winter

A lot of people think that it takes a lot of investment to make the home energy efficient. The truth is, some simple and affordable choices can give almost the same result that very hefty investments can give. Below are 5 smart ways to make your home efficient with minimal investment.

Insulation Refill 

You, like many other homeowners, can mistakenly consider discomfort in the indoor a result of system declining its efficiency when in actuality, it is the failing insulation that is raising the level of discomfort. Check out the walls and attic and get them refilled before the peak winter begins. In case you have never had your home insulated, at least get the attic insulated. It will keep your indoor warmer and will reduce the bills.

Leaking Windows? 

To your surprise, a whole lot of warmth in winter gets wasted only through the leaks in the windows. Even small leaks let significant warmth out of the indoor. This way, not only the comfort gets compromised but also the heating system runs unusually more resulting in wear and tear and higher energy bills. Sealing windows takes not more than a few dollars. You can get yourself a duct tape and seal the leaks.

Do some alteration to your water heating system 

A lot of people are upgrading to tankless water heaters because they offer instant hot water and are energy efficient. But these two benefits come at a price that not everyone can afford. This makes Tank Water Heaters still the only resort for some people. Using a Tank Water Heater efficiently is an art known to a few. Consider for example these hacks;
Insulate the pipes with foam. Insulated pipes reduce heat loss resulting in retaining the temperature of the water as it passes through the lines. Do it particularly if you have long supply lines. Also, insulation of the tank makes a whole lot of difference. Although tanks are already insulated, adding another layer will help in saving the time for heating water and saving some dollars on energy bills.

Cook and bake efficiently 

The indoor can become warmer in winter with less use of Furnace if you cook efficiently. Instead of using electric ovens, make use of your gas ovens. Also, keep the door of the oven open after cooking so that the warmth spreads in the indoor.

Upgrade to energy efficient appliances 

Upgrading to energy efficient appliances may appear to be a costly investment but the overall expense can reduce to a significant extent by taking advantage of rebate programs. There are several governmental and non-governmental programmes that offer rebates on the purchase of energy efficient appliances.

As said above, there are simple and affordable ways that can help make the home energy efficient. Following the smart practices and making some slight upgrades, you can choose to pay less on energy bills and increase the level of indoor comfort.

So how do you keep your home energy efficient in winters?