Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Philanthro Air Filters - Changing Lives

Imagine yourself alone. And the exact situation is that of an orphan (May you never experience this). No father, no mother, no family. Waiting and waiting for someone to come and make you a part of their family. Feels terrible, right? There are thousands of orphans around the world. For some, the wait does end as someone comes and adopts them but for many, the wait is a lifetime wait. For all such orphans, we are supposed to be their family and we are supposed to step forward to help them in ways that are possible for us if we are not in a capacity to fully adopt them. Philanthro is one such initiative.

What is Philanthro?

Philanthro sells high-quality air filters and has been in the field of home comfort heating and cooling since long. But what makes Philanthro different from others is that Philanthro can be considered a charity organisation in addition to being an air filter retailer. Philanthro donates 10% of every single air filter revenue to Back to Back ministries which is a charity organisation with its focus on orphans in serious needs. The good thing is, while Philanthro is offering its filters only in the US for now, the charity made helps orphans around the world. \

Why purchase Philanthro?

You can purchase any air filter, right? When then purchase Philanthro? We've just mentioned the reason above. Every time you make a purchase from Philanthro, you unknowingly help an orphan. And you never know whose smile will shine your entire life. It's a win-win. So why not think of a wider and long-term benefit and make purchases that also help somebody somewhere in the world while they comfort you. Philanthro is one such cause.

Where to Purchase? What's the procedure?

You don't have to go into complex procedures. Simply go to Philanthro's website. Mark the air filter you want to purchase and how often do you want to be delivered that filter. Click Proceed to Check out, add shipping and card details. There you go! Your filter will be delivered to you at your doorstep and as you install it, you can experience one of the most pleasurable pleasures of the world; an unknown happiness that comes right after helping someone. You have helped an orphan! You're lucky to have been able to do that.

Philanthro service areas

Philanthro is currently delivering only in the US. So if you are not a resident of the US, you might consider sharing this post with a friend and family who resides there in the United States and can still become a source of good. Every time they'll make a purchase from Philanthro, some good will come your way too in the form of light that'll shine over you.

And before you leave thinking it's an ordinary cause or that your contribution will make no difference, read this;

Every 18 seconds, a child becomes orphan. And out of the 140 million orphan children, most of them wait for an entire life to get a family or at least to enjoy a good life. And that wait never ends. Your purchase from Philanthro might end someone's wait.