Thursday, October 18, 2018

Gas Fireplace Safety - Here's what you need to do

With winter comes the thought of Fireplace. The fireplace is one of the most amazing winter experiences. Sitting in front of it and enjoying coffee with the tantalizing sounds of wood crackles gives a heavenly feel. In Canada, while so many people now prefer Furnace and Heat Pumps to comfort their indoors in winters, there are many whose love for the fireplace is as strong as was in the days when Fireplace was the primary choice. But with the use of gas fireplace comes some real responsibility and care without which Fireplace can turn into a real headache. If you are one such homeowner who loves to use fireplace as the primary heating solution in winters, this blog is for you.

- Safety screen is a must 

Some people think that safety screens are supposed to be used when there are kids at home. Not really so. Safety screens have to be used even when there are no kids at home. These screen help keep the homeowners safe by creating a barrier. The skin does not come in direct contact with the heat. Also, sometimes, when wooden logs are used, the burning pieces fall out of the fireplace and this can result in serious consequences.

- CO Detectors ensure your safety 

Fireplaces, when not kept, maintained create a serious scenario of CO poisoning. The dirty vents push the burning gases back into the home. Also, the gas leaks from pipelines can also result in a fire. All of these consequences can be avoided by installing a CO detector. CO detector is a small device which alarms the homeowners when any unusual presence of gas is felt.

- Annual Inspection 

It is good if you perform maintenance of your appliances on your own. But no matter how good you are at maintenance, you'll never be as good as a professional. While you perform DIY maintenance on your own throughout the season, make sure to call a professional technician for annual maintenance. Professionals thoroughly clean the fireplace, tune up the parts and diagnose any issues well in time so that you could be saved from any serious accidents.

- Upgrade to direct vents 

If you have been using an old fireplace since long, it is recommended to upgrade to a direct vent model now. Direct vents expel 100% of the combustion gases out of the home. Also, the sealed combustion mechanism keeps the indoor safe and the IAQ does not get affected.

Winter is on its way. The time to start preparing your heating appliances is right here and right now. If you are looking forward to upgrading your fireplace, replace a part, get it inspected by professionals, want a reliable repair or anything else related to the fireplace, we have the professionals who could help you out with all the fireplace related things. It had been over 15 years that we are helping homeowners in resolving their HVAC concerns. Let us serve you as well with our world-class fireplace installation, maintenance, diagnosis, repair and replacement services.