Monday, June 10, 2013

Ductless Air conditioners

Ductless Air conditioners

In hot summers are mobile duct less air conditioners true bestseller in some weeks. They lower the temperature by a few degrees and can also be used as a moisture regulator.  Duct less air conditioner is also known as split air conditioner. A ductless air conditioner basically consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, they are connected by pre-filled coolant lines. Duct less air conditioner are quick to install as it does not require expensive ductworks and other plus point this type of air conditioners maintenance cost is very less as compare to central air conditioners.

The indoor units are very quiet (some 25 decibels or less, which is quieter than whisper). In addition, the units on the ceiling, wall or floor can be installed, and also in terms of design in recent years have done a lot of improvements. For complete home cooling comfort homeowners can install multi split unite which can connect several indoor units to one outdoor unit. In terms of cooling requirement in a conventional house is per square meter per 60 watts cooling capacity consumed by the air conditioner to lower the room temperature by 6 ° C as compare to the outside temperature. It is batter that you should ask the professional HVAC home comfort advisor for proper air conditioner sizing and type to avoid burning your money on expansive big ac unit and heavy energy bills.

Inverter systems introduced in heating and cooling Mississauga home comfort system

The moderately economical and efficient cooling system used by air conditioner is known as inverter systems. It has a speed-controlled compressor in contrast to conventional devices. Conventional systems use a constant compressor speed. When it achieved the desired room temperature, the compressor stops and starts up again when the temperature is raised. This procedure has constant compressor cycling result - with correspondingly high energy consumption. In contrast, the running inverter system first with maximum speed and regulates the desired temperature is reached; the speed is minimum without shutting down completely. Consumers should therefore consider not only the purchase price but also on the operating costs of the cooling appliance. The energy star rated cooling appliances are expressive in price but this cost is overhead by with just couple of month’s utility bill savings.

Shading reduces overheads for the cooling cost in your heating cooling Mississauga home comfort system

To keep the energy requirements for the operation of air conditioners as low as possible, the possibilities of the summer should heat protection be exploited as much as possible. Large glass areas must be shaded. Blinds and Curtains offer in all seasons protection from heat or cold. In summer, they keep the heat out in the winter, they help to keep the heat in the house. Depending on the situation and use the U-value of a window or glass door, according to the manufacturer's instructions 10 to 30 percent is improved.


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