Sunday, April 30, 2017

4 simple ways to prolong the life of your HVAC system

Investment in HVAC systems is a hefty investment we make and, therefore, every homeowner wants to prolong the life of his system as much as possible in order to make the most of it without having to invest again. So are there any ways to actually prolong the system’s life? Oh yes! There are!


1. Pre-Season Check Up

It is crucial to get your system cleaned and tuned up before the beginning of the season when they’ll be used the most. Better to tune up cooling appliances in Spring to make them ready for Summers and tune-up heating appliances in Fall to make them ready for Winters.
This will get any issues resolved before the season begins, and will also guarantee efficient appliance performance.
Also, remember that at the peak of seasons, HVAC professionals are full time busy and it is hard to schedule visits to get maintenance and repairs, plan maintenance at a time when they’re easily available; the timings mentioned above.

2. Checking Air Filters regularly

Messy air channels can confine the stream of air to your HVAC system which overloads the system by making the system work harder in pushing and pulling the air. This harms exorbitantly the blower assembly since it needs to put excessive energy to perform its function. Checking duct and appliance filters regularly can help remove the stockpiles of mud and dust, eventually improving the system’s efficiency and extending the life of your HVAC system.

3. Daily check up of HVAC System

Examining your HVAC system regularly can help get little issues resolved before they transform into huge ones. While you will need a professional’s help to assess your conduits for air spills and tune up your system; there are things you can take a look at by yourself. Keep a careful eye on components that are vulnerable to wear and tear. Moreover, for Air Conditioner outdoor units and Heat Pumps etc that are out of sight usually, it is a good practice to give them a quick look to make sure everything’s fine. Water leaks should also be checked on a regular basis to avoid any serious harm to the system.

4. Give pause to your system

Several homeowners in Canada run their systems 24 hours which ultimately affects the efficiency of the system. Giving pause to the system lowers the workload on it and allows the components to refresh which then leads to a prolonged lifespan of the system. But who has time to turn the system on and off? Well, installing a programmable regulator/thermostat device can do this favour for you. It helps in adjusting the temperature of your system and keeps on tuning it according to the outdoor temperature consequently not running it 24/7.

Bottom Line
Although an estimated lifespan of an appliance is predefined, there are ways that can be incorporated to prolong the life of the system and enjoy its performance for a longer period of time. There is no denying the fact that people who keep their appliances well maintained have to spend the least on HVAC system.

Are you one such wise homeowner? If not yet, start following these 4 ways and experience an ultimate comfort with massive savings.  


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