Friday, February 10, 2017

Brace your Heating System for a chilly chill Winter

Spending Winters in Canada is not easy. The temperature in several areas drops up to -30 degrees as the Winter paces up. While one cloth over another does help beat the blows of intense Winters when in the outside environment, an alternative should be sought when one is within the four walls of a room. And the alternative is of course to maintain a moderately warm indoor temperature. So how to maintain the temperature and how exactly to get yourself fully ready for Winters? Here are some quick tips to brace yourself up for Winters.

Pre-Season Tune-Up

How about having your Furnace suddenly stop working in the intense cold weather? Well, let's talk on realistic grounds, there are times when the weather conditions are so harsh that even an emergency HVAC service can't reach you as in the case of extreme snowfall and blocked roads. In order to avoid such circumstances, schedule a pre-season tune up with some reliable HVAC service provider. As things get fixed before the season begins they continue to function smoothly. So yes, schedule a pre-season tune-up every Winter.

Give your Furnace Filters a bath
Filters are for trapping pollutants and they do their job quite very well. How about giving them a bath to get themselves refreshed for fighting pollutants more efficiently? Things that get used get dirty too. The same goes for Furnace filters. Before the Winter begins, clean your Furnace filters properly. Since Filters aren't much expensive you should probably think of replacing them by throwing the older ones. And replacing/cleaning filters really really improves efficiency. Promise!

Check exhaust vents
Exhaust vents or chimneys are the vents from where the burned gases exhaust. Just like the Filters get clogged, the chimneys and vents also get dirty. And their dirt is of extreme threat. As the exhaust vents are blocked the Carbon Monoxide which is a residue gas comes back into the house and we repeat, Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. As you call professionals for appliance tune-up, also ask them to check your chimneys for proper exhaustion.

Lower your thermostat

What??? Lower Thermostat? Did we said that mistakenly? No!
Many homeowners set their thermostats high as the Winters begin. This is an inappropriate practice since it puts a burden on the Heating System suddenly as it begins to get in used after a long break. And this sudden burden may result in serious consequences so the right way is; Lower your thermostats as the Winter begins and raise the temperature slowly as the temperature rises. .   
Close vents in unused rooms
If you've a large home you must be having rooms that are not frequently used. In some homes, the ductwork includes vents in areas that are hardly used for example basement, attic or crawl spaces. In order to keep your Heating System work with full efficiency without excessive heat loss, close vents in unused rooms.

Incorporating the above-mentioned practices will help you bracing your Heating System perfectly for harshest of Winter and will consequently help you save on energy bills while also providing sizzling indoor experience.  


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