Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ways To Banish The Stuffy Air During Summer

What does it mean when your house feels stuffy and stale during the shifting seasons? It might be down to a single cause or a mix of things. Allergies often play a role, and low humidity does not help; stuffiness may also show a need for maintenance of your heating and cooling system or cleaning of the duct. Although homeowners have a choice to work on some essential steps to banish the stuffy air during the summer for good.

When does your house start feeling stuffy?

Here are some general reasons that prompt the stuffiness in your home.
1. For the first time in months, you switched on your Air Conditioner.

2. When plants release pollen and leaves start fluttering to the ground.

3. You close the windows and until spring you keep them shut.

4. Closed windows with issues in furnace and ventilation system can also result in staler air.

These issues when combined together can worsen allergy symptoms. Therefore, it’s better to take appropriate precautions in advance to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Below are the points discussed that trigger the stuffiness and stale air in our homes.

1. Indoor humidity is high

It is probably one of the major reasons why your home feels stuffy during the summer. Humidity often makes the summer environment unbearable whenever it exceeds from 45-65%. The high level of humidity makes the place muggy and sticky inside. The low humidity also has worse impacts on homeowners. Air with low humidity can dry out the nasal cavity he and we become more vulnerable to the viral diseases. 

2. Air leaks:

Leaking or damaged ductwork can make the situation of stuffiness even worse. The leaks allow the air loss resulting in reducing the supply of cold air to the home. With a compromised supply of conditioned air, the indoor gives the stuffy feel.

3. Dirty Air ducts:

When the air conditioner is turned on for the first time in months, it ultimately stirs ups all the mites and microbes that were residing in the air ducts. Therefore, contaminated air ducts often initiate sneezing and other symptoms and make the air feel staler. Cleaning air ducts timely will reduce many potential problems for your home.

Once you decide to clean the air ducts, make sure to hire a professional and certified HVAC team; who has expertise in using the appropriate steps and right air cleaning equipment and ensures the problem will not elevate in future.

4. Issues in Ventilation System:

Stuffiness in homes is often due to the poor ventilation system. The poor air flow makes hard for the stale air to circulate out of our living space. The problem is more common for homeowners who don’t check up their heating and cooling system for years. The right care and maintenance make your air conditioner to deliver the desired result for the extended period of time and also increases its lifespan.


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