Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What should the AC be set at in hot summer to get the most out of it

The scorching heat of summer is all set to overheat our body. The very first question that haunts us; what should the AC be set at in hot summer to get the most out of it. Well, the efficiency and cooling of an air conditioner is somehow contingent upon the ideal setting of a thermostat, which eventually saves cost and increases the useful life of an AC. As per National Resource Canada
“ The indoor thermostat should be set somewhere in the range of 22–25°C, depending on your comfort requirements.”
Statistics Canada reports from 2009 suggest that more than two-thirds of Canadian households with air conditioning adjusted the temperature in thermostats either by shutting down their air conditioner (55 %) or setting the temperature at or above 24C (13 %).

How to find the sweet spot?

Most of the people often get tired of fighting over a thermostat. As everyone has the opinion regarding the perfect indoor temperature, and finding that sweet spot becomes so hard. We understand for everyone being picky for the ideal temperature, but the study has suggested that the ideal temperature range is 22-26°C – neither too hot nor too cold, but just perfect. 

Saving on cooling cost:

We all don’t like to be spending our hard earned money on cooling our place 24/7. The right temperature setting is key to stay cool and save efficiently in summer. A recent study suggested a rise of each degree of a thermostat saves on 4-5% cooling cost.

Other no-cost ways to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner:

The role of the air conditioner in keeping your indoor environment comfortable is inevitable. Here we present the cost-effective and simplest ways to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner:

1. A proper cleaning around the outdoor condenser unit is mandatory. As the outdoor unit can work at its best if it has not any debris or dirt. The process of outdoor cleaning has no complication although you can opt for a technician in case you need thorough and in-depth cleaning.

2. In order to activate the saving mode, you must proactively use a Programmable Thermostat.

3. Make sure not to place any heat-producing equipment near a thermostat. If there is any generating equipment, it may excel the temperature and your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool a place.

4. Another no-cost way to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner is to keep the curtains and blinds closed as it prevents your air conditioner from overworking.

5. Insulating the exposed ductwork with the right duct insulating material also enhances the efficiency of an air conditioner. Any duct which runs through any unconditioned part should be sealed so the air does not leak in any part of your home.

6. The indoor cooling coil has a drain. Generally, mounted above the basement furnace. You can keep your drain clear through the summer if you flush one cup of chlorine bleach down your air conditioning drain and rinse it with a gallon of water.

Did this blog help? How do you keep yourself cool in the intense hot summer and what AC settings do you prefer?  

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