Sunday, May 28, 2017

Save Energy with Electronic Thermostats

Welcome to the world of technology! The technology which is moving at such a speedy pace that every milestone that it sets is jaw dropping. Could anyone just a few dozen decades ago think that there would come a time when you'd be able to tweak the indoor temperature with so much precision and accuracy that seasons and weathers will make no difference? Did you ever notice that while you enjoy an ultimate comfort sitting right inside your living room and the sun is blazing outside, no compromise does your HVAC system make to keep you super cool? And by the way, did you also know that with the help of latest Thermostats, not only can you now schedule temperatures for your HVAC system but can also operate them from anywhere i.e Smart Thermostats/Wifi Thermostats


Let's talk about the Electronic Thermostats. Well, if you're still using your Grandma's brought Mercury Thermostat, you either love her so much to not let go of anything related to her memory or love yourself so less to give yourself the shock of fatty energy bills every month, while also putting at risk yours and the planet's life. The Mercury days are gone dude! Even the Virtual Museum of HVACR Canada features Honeywell's round (mercury) Thermostat as 20th-century classics. As said above, technology is moving at the fastest pace suggesting more efficient ways of both the home comfort and energy saving, it is wise to follow the pace of technology and improve the lifestyle using the latest of technologies.

Why Convert to Digital Thermostat? Here's why:

People are bewildered that all a Thermostat is supposed to do is tweak the HVAC system's temperature then why keep on jumping from one to another? Well, no! All Thermostats don't do the same job in the same way. Digital Thermostats work far different than mercury or classical Thermostats. Here are some reasons of why you should convert to Digital.

Mercuryless - Safer!

Digital Thermostats don't have any mercury in them and are, therefore, safer than the Mercury Thermostats that have the highest amount of mercury present in household objects. Danger!

Mercuryless - Save Earth

Did you know that only a 2.5 grams of mercury if put in a lake of 8 hectares, leaves its water undrinkable and its fish inedible for an entire year? Not only the Maintenance of Mercury Thermostats is a headache, their disposing of is difficult as well. Contrary to that, Digital Thermostats do not have such horrendous effects on the environment and the planet on the whole. Why play around with Mother Earth?

Non-Moveable parts - Easy to repair

With moveable parts Mercury Thermostat, you'd have to call a technician to fix your Thermostat every time you mistakenly throw it or have its parts misplaced. Digital provides relief from these regular issues too.

Programmable - Always comfortable

Digital provide more controls. With programmable features, you can turn the heating and cooling appliances ON or OFF before coming to the home or leaving it, saving lots of energy. Did grandma's Thermostat support that? Nope!

Save up to $200

Indeed you heard it right! With Digital Thermostats, it is possible to save up to $200 per year. The increased efficiency and precision of the Digital Thermostats lets the least energy go wasted.

Bottom Line

It's good that you still have your grandma's Thermostat. It shows your love for her but probably now that you're tired of high energy bills and the hectic situations that Mercury Thermostat causes, it is the time to uninstall the older version of the 20th century and go with the flow of 21st century; Digital and Smart Thermostats.

And yes, may your grandma rest in peace! Take the Thermostat to the store room.


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