Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lennox Ductless MS8H Mini Split Specifications

Lennox comes up with better and improved Air Conditioner models every year. As the technology is progressing, the availability of indoor heating and cooling comfort is becoming easier to get to and cheaper to afford. Let's us talk about the Ductless MS8H Mini Split Air Conditioner of Lennox, its specifications and how it is making home cooling as well as heating as amazingly affordable as never before.


MS8H Mini Split Air Conditioner Specifications

- Heat Pump technology

Why spend on heating and cooling appliances separately when it is possible to enjoy both heating and cooling with a single appliance? MS8H is designed making use of Heat Pump technology. Unlike the conventional compressor AC models in which the compressor along with the evaporator cools the refrigerant and expels the heat outside cools the indoor, this Heat Pump technology makes use of Heat Pump that works as a cooler in Summer and as a Heater in Winters. Single, dual or multiple ductless units can be attached to the Heat Pump and different zones/parts can be cooled/warmed.

- Energy efficient

One factor that should necessarily be considered while purchasing any Air Conditioner brand is its energy efficiency. The more an appliance is energy efficient the thinner bills it brings. The lesser an appliance is energy efficient, the fattier bills it brings. A specification of MS8H is its high efficiency with up to 22 SEER and 10.20 HSPF (which makes it qualified for Energy Star)

- Inverter Technology

Inverter technology has revolutionised Air Conditioning in the recent years. The inverter technology regulates the compressor motor's speed in order to continuously regulate the temperature. This way the inverter technology models deliver only the desired amount of air which makes them quieter, long lasting and less vulnerable to breakdowns.

- Secure and Flexible

While this aspect is rarely talked about, the ductless units are secure. Unlike the Duct Air Conditioners, that necessitates a duct system and thus raise risks of moulds, spores, insects and theft, the Ductless Air Conditioners have least to no security threats (except the electrical connections). The MS8H Ductless Air Conditioner is safe to install, easy to maintain and small in design to blend in any room.

- Quiet Operation

Engineers are trying to design home comfort heating and cooling appliances with minimum noise level. The MS8H Split Air Conditioner is a progress in this sphere since the noise level of this model is as low as 25 dB indoor and 50 dB outdoor. This makes this model favourite for people allergic to high noise levels of HVAC appliances.

- Remote Control

The more control you have of the indoor heating/cooling, the easier it is for you to enjoy ultimate comfort. MS8H, like all ductless systems, is supported with a remote control that can be used to ON/OFF the unit, alter the temperature, scheduling a shut-off and controlling several other operations. This makes the unit even more flexible to use.


On a quick note, the MS8H specifications include:
- Heat Pump technology that makes it an efficient cooler and an efficient heater
- Up to 22 SEER efficiency
- Inverter technology that makes it durable, affordable and reliable
- Secure and Flexible design that makes it less vulnerable to breakdowns
-  Quiet operation that adds to the positive aspects by producing less indoor and outdoor noise pollution
- Remote control system that makes it easy to operate and easy to control

All these specifications and above all an affordable rate makes Lennox HS8H Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner a favourite for many. You could be the next to enjoy all the joys offered by this Lennox model. Looking to purchase? Connect with us today and purchase this unit at affordable rates: 905 201-1293


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