Friday, September 22, 2017

Planning to purchase a Humidifier? Consider these tips

And yes, Summer is finally leaving us and fall is at the door already. As the weather will continue to change and the Winter will slowly and steadily step in, the level of humidity will also continue to drop. And as the humidity level drops beyond normal, it causes multiple problems like skin irritation, breathing unease, rashes, static electricity, home interior damages and others. In order to maintain a stable humidity level in the indoors, Humidifiers help a great deal. But a Humidifier can only be able to meet your needs without creating any issues for you if the purchase is compatible with your home. Before you bring home a Humidifier randomly and regret later, let us help you make a right choice for your home.


Ask yourself these questions when purchasing a Humidifier
  • Large space or small space? What do I need to Humidify?
That is indeed an important question and not considering it can cost you extra dollars. If you're willing to Humidify just a room or a small area, there's absolutely no need to purchase whole home humidifiers that are relatively much costly. With such requirements, all you need is a portable Humidifier that can easily operate up to 24 hours without requiring to refill. These portable Humidifiers are available in different types; germ protection humidifiers, multiple speeds, warm or cool mist and others. But before you jump onto that, make sure your need is a portable Humidifier and not a whole home or a whole home and not a portable.
Contrary to small space, if you've a large area to humidify and are in continuous need of humidified air, then spending on a Portable Humidifier will only be a waste of money since it will fail to suffice for your needs. In such cases, you need a whole home Humidifier and even then, it matters how large the area is. Humidifiers come in different capacity models keeping the requirements of small, medium, large and extra large homes. Ask the retailer which size will work best with your home before purchasing one.

  • What Humidifier type do I want?
Now that you've decided the type of Humidifier you want; portable or whole-home, it is time to further decide what type exactly are you looking for. Humidifiers come with different types both in portable and in whole home models. There are cool mist models that disperse cool moisture in the air and use less electricity, warm mist Humidifiers that disperse warm droplets by heating the water, Ultrasonic Humidifiers that can produce both cool and warm mist and are also least noisy. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of Humidifier.

  • Am I irritated with noise?
While this point is highly ignored, there are a large number of homeowners that face the consequences of it. People realise only after installing a Humidifier that they are irritated by the noise it produces but then, what is the use of crying over spilled milk?  All that can be done is either to bear the noise or replace the Humidifier, both choices loathsome!

  • How much maintenance can I afford?
There are Humidifiers that demand more maintenance and there are others that demand less depending on the type and model but maintenance nonetheless, is required. Therefore, one of the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase is that of maintenance. Choosing a high maintenance demands model when you cannot manage to perform the maintenance can only result in costly repairs. So in case you've busy schedules and can't make out time for maintenance, try choosing a model that requires relatively less maintenance.

Considering these points, you are all set to purchase a perfectly suited Humidifier for your home. The rightest model. Dude! ;)


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